A woman so hot that you can fry, bake, boil and reheat food by inserting it insider her anus or pussy
Delicious sausages, straight from the oven!
by 32121 August 6, 2016
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An oven is an object where Jews are burned for being Jewish.
“I sure could use some foreskin, this oven is burning my tip
by Poop sock man May 6, 2020
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slang: location of baby in a pregnant woman.
Susan has one in the oven. Molly is baking twins in the oven.
by courtney December 29, 2004
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when referring to a woman being pregnant... the oven is her utreus
"She's got a bun in the oven"
"Oh my god! Is she really PG?"
"When is she due?"
by natalie January 2, 2004
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