a person who has access to exclusive information
As an insider, he's not at liberty to discuss how the meeting went.
by Methid Man November 27, 2010
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an inside joke; its a joke that's shared only between a couple of people, and makes no sense to people that don't know the meaning
keep it in your feet
the tasty snack
yes please
i've got your nose mr. anderson

(these are some of the insiders i have with my friends)
by mirmyo October 6, 2005
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Any information that should NEVER be spoken about while the subject is within earshot.
Bob: Hey Tom, this is Nancy.
Tom: Is this the chick you hooked up at the work party.
Bob: DUDE!! Fuckin' INSIDER!!
by Winston October 24, 2003
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An insider is a convict doing a stretch in prison.
The mass murderer got life. He will be inside for the rest of his days.
He will soon learn what it is like being an insider
by Stias October 8, 2005
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When a player in a video games acts like your friend to take your loot.
Ghostpro played with me and insided when I was not looking
by DROPBEAR M8 April 24, 2017
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In prison.
If you get caught with those guns, it's 10 years inside straight away.
by kzm193 February 5, 2017
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