The vagina... Duh
Bro I made creampie in her oven last night, we bout to have kids!
by ovobabe December 25, 2015
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Oven, as in the name Oven, with a long O, is a very talkative person and usually has people laughing, oven is a big guy but it really soft on the inside. He can’t tell a lie and if he does it is so obvious. Oven typically will be trustworthy but that big mouth cannot be trusted
Yo that’s Oven! Oh shit run
by Johnnyjones February 07, 2019
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A kitchen appliance used in the heating up and preparation of food, mostly prior to microwaves. Code name for Mike
During class:
Mike: say oven kenny (in Tim's direction)
Tim: what? (confused)
Mike: OVEN
Tim: what are you talking about? (confused buy laughing)
Mike: OVEN (yelled into Tim's ear)
Mike and Tim: laughing and getting a dirty look from the professor
by Pitcha June 30, 2006
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oven anther slang for your gun
"my oven got wings,you know it when it sings, bullets gonna fly, someones gonna die" - from THA GATU keepin it trill records
by mr krunk September 25, 2005
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