A place where children are born.
Ayo! I just walked into the oven where i was born!
by summer - oven cooker February 23, 2021
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A deadly kitchen appliance that can severely damage fingers that get in the way while turning sausages. It is often documented that only "half of the oven" falls down and injures a finger during the sausage turning ceremony, however people have reported to have had a whole oven fall on their finger and sometimes even their brain stem.
(half of) the oven annihilated Azriel's finger
by oveninventor August 12, 2018
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1: "aye man can you throw that 'za in the oven?
2: "what's an oven"
1: "it's a spicy refrigerator my wigga"
2:" damn man that's saucin ok"
by SaucyThiccBoi November 15, 2018
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That thing your mom and Dad uses to make food hot. They told you to do it but you were too lazy.
Mom; "Honey can you get the pizza out of the oven,"
You; "But mom why can't you do it, this is is why dad left you,"
via giphy
by BellRose369 February 05, 2019
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