A type of duct burner installed aft of the exhaust manifold, but before the turbocharger in the exhaust gas path of a turbocharged internal combustion engine. Produces gas flow which provides for turbocharger spinup during periods of low engine load
Dude, that car is a'smokin. It must have reheat.
by pitz September 7, 2004
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The art of putting one's partner's head in a microwave during sex, then thrusting while slamming the door repeatedly
Richard gave Susan the old Elmira Reheat after a long night at the bar
by Richard_12345 November 5, 2015
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When a group of guys who just recently masturbated around each other, decide to masturbate again
Hey guys, I'm thinking it's time to reheat the skins
by dirtymindedfreak February 2, 2011
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When you hook up with a girl again after she has been your leftovers.
Yo you hook up with Beth again last night, didn’t you hit that freshmen yeah?
Yeah I was reheating leftovers last night.
by MCmadness March 4, 2006
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Bringing up old tea, beef or juicy gossip.
Person 1: What if he's cheating on his wife with a gay man
Person 2: That's some Arianna's parents type shit
Person 3: Ooo tea?!?
Person 1: Nah, that's some second grade shit, that's old tea. It's so old that it's cold and yucky now.
Person 2: Don't be reheating tea
by Heartbreak Hotel April 22, 2019
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Well Claire it looks like Bryan is here again with cassy she has those in for 5 minutes at power level 5 , she is reheating the leftovers again
by Paprocki December 9, 2015
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