a) A sign that is put on the outside of a business premesis that is indicating that it is temporarily non functional, and that business will resume within the hour.

b) not paying attention.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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The away message you get on instant messaging services like AIM when your friend is eating his girlfriend.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, what's up?
-Auto Response from Guy 2- Out To Lunch.
Guy 1: Again...?
by Pantho May 12, 2009
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Hey man, have you seen the sup lately?
No man I think he's out to lunch!
He's out to lunch period.
by Jeff Barouch July 12, 2004
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Going OUT of the room and meeting your co-worker in the closet, TO LUNCH down on her sweet spot.
I love taking Angela OUT TO LUNCH, I could eat all day long with her.
by huffinthemuffin December 16, 2010
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