it's a document with which the employer cleans his ass after you leave it with him,generally after an interview
leave your resume on the desk,i'll take a look at it
by vil v January 29, 2010
(verb) To check out someone's background before deciding to get involved intimately.
If he resumates well, I might just green light him to my honey pot.
by Birdie63 July 27, 2011
The positive physical (or other) attributes of a hottie that has it all working. A way to say, "She's gorgeous, and also has it all together " Comes from the business world where calling someone a "hot bitch" would definitely get you canned.
Office Guy #1: Did you see that new girl in marketing?
Office Guy #2: Yeah, I was checking out her resume when she walked by. I'm definitely liking what I see.
Office Guy #1: You're dreaming! She's way out of your league.

Girl #1: I was checking out that guy's resume -- I'm sure he has a girlfriend with all he has going.
Girl #2: Well, he has everything your looking for, why don't you ask him?
by jd-slanger December 15, 2010
Resume is the opposite of the slang Pause. If you or someone else say anything weird like homosexual, instead of saying pause and meaning you do not claim the homosexual energy, you say resume to say you DO claimed the homosexual energy.
Guy 1: "Yo yesterday I sucked the shit out of a lollypop."
Guy 2: "Ayo, pause my guy..."
Guy 1: "Nahh, resume."
by YungGeneral July 8, 2022
An action or responsibility that would improve your resume. This can be applied to any number of actions, big or small.
Matt, you've got some mad memo writing skills. I bet that's resumeable.
by Mpls Shieldy April 8, 2010
The term used when upholding a street basketball game (or a backyard baseball game during a season), then calling time-in. (Use only around white folks)
"Damn negro, I'm have to tie my shoe.......Aight...Resume."
by B-rad February 25, 2005