it's a document with which the employer cleans his ass after you leave it with him,generally after an interview
leave your resume on the desk,i'll take a look at it
by vil v January 29, 2010
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(verb) To check out someone's background before deciding to get involved intimately.
If he resumates well, I might just green light him to my honey pot.
by Birdie63 July 27, 2011
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The positive physical (or other) attributes of a hottie that has it all working. A way to say, "She's gorgeous, and also has it all together " Comes from the business world where calling someone a "hot bitch" would definitely get you canned.
Office Guy #1: Did you see that new girl in marketing?
Office Guy #2: Yeah, I was checking out her resume when she walked by. I'm definitely liking what I see.
Office Guy #1: You're dreaming! She's way out of your league.

Girl #1: I was checking out that guy's resume -- I'm sure he has a girlfriend with all he has going.
Girl #2: Well, he has everything your looking for, why don't you ask him?
by jd-slanger December 14, 2010
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An action or responsibility that would improve your resume. This can be applied to any number of actions, big or small.
Matt, you've got some mad memo writing skills. I bet that's resumeable.
by Mpls Shieldy April 08, 2010
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The term used when upholding a street basketball game (or a backyard baseball game during a season), then calling time-in. (Use only around white folks)
"Damn negro, I'm have to tie my shoe.......Aight...Resume."
by B-rad February 24, 2005
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When somebody's impressive credentials cause other people to overlook their negative qualities.
I can't believed that he screwed his new girlfriend in my bed. He hadn't even broken up with me.

Really? Everyone wondered what you were doing with such a narcissistic asshole. Plus he was a cokehead. What did you see in him?

Well, we went to a good prep school and to an ivy league business school and worked for a prestigious investment bank on Wall Street. I never imagined that somebody like that could be so insensitive and cruel.

Hon, you are suffering from resume blindness. He's a jerk and an emotional midget. Get over him.
by AYYFRON June 30, 2010
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