When you're sending messages over MSN,Yahoo etc.
I was instant messaging that kid.
by Tokyo May 25, 2006
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1. what you send someone when you want to talk on the internet
2. what internet sluts send you when they want you to visit their porn website
That ho sent me an instant message
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
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The act of shoving one's phone into another's Vagina or Ass depending on if it followed Anal or Vaginal Sex. This is then followed by a short text message to the inserted phone; this will leave them with a nice vibration.
A man having an intercouse with another woman. The man pulls out before blowing his load and shoves his phone into the Vagina. He then says "anything he wants to" in a text message. The man has successfully completed the Instant Message.
by Wyatt The Whakkle June 6, 2010
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emails that people send emails back and forth when they can't get on AIM or yahoo IM,so they are forced to wait through the person typing or sending.this takes very long.
dude colin and i sent IME's(instant message emails) all say yesterday because my mom's computer wouldn't download yahoo IM.
by Giger October 8, 2006
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A instant messaging system used by jewish people to communicate through heads so that goys cannot understand or attempt to interprate the conversation. Similar to AIM or Aol Instant Messaging.
Abraham looked across the commons at Sallie and was "Jewish Instant Messaging (JIM)" her as she walked towards the tables. Johnny, the preachers son had no idea what they were saying, but gee I guess he did have a comb-over that day.
by Fekakta October 26, 2009
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