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a guy with a big belly that enjoys fishing and fighting
a "wow this fisherman is so fat "

b "yeah is an Oty"
by hhelenahh June 23, 2010
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1. Short for Oh Thank you, the free version of overtime.
2. The act of rendering work products with no compensation.
"Last night's work is OTy because I can't charge it to the project."
by ramfree17 April 15, 2007
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OTY is an abbreviation of the phrase "Of The Year." It is commonly used in conjuction with subject, eg Game- shorting it to either GOTY or "Game OTY."
"Dude, La La Land is so going to get best Picture OTY."
by Kylefght January 16, 2017
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Someone that you love dearly. Someone who is close to you. Usually referred to in the sense of a pet name.

Term of endearment
Oties I love you.

Where is my oties?

Oties, call me back!
by Just1onetime July 23, 2013
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