Bulgarian dialect for ''What?'' and also ''Why''
Friend: We are not going to the cinema
Other Friend: oti?
by Flods May 7, 2020
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Usually quiet and mysterious. You never know an Otis until he actually speaks. Cool and chill guy sometimes weird
Person 1: who's that quiet guy over there?
Person 2: oh that's Otis
by Elephant-giraffe-goat January 30, 2017
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Man.... Otis said he was going to whoop your ass!

Who the fuck is Otis? Otis who?

Otis dick feels good in your mouth! Ha got em!

Man f you!
by ashane March 19, 2019
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The one guy in the class most girls adore. He may not be the brightest but he has the looks to win them over. He is athletic and has the best smile! He is a great friend and amazing lover. He can be a player so watch out.
“Who’s that peng guy over there?”
“That’s Otis
by kaiah11 March 30, 2019
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Otis is the kind of guy who loves a nice pint when the times right; and has a passion for football, although Fifa does it for him. He is a ladies man but fears commitment. Otis' are often on the shorter side, but they make up for it in other areas ;-) He is confident, and his charming smile makes him irresistibly cute. He has an individual style and can easily lounge in his pjs all day enjoying his own company, or just chilling with the lads. He has a tendency to conceal his true feelings, and it takes time to unlock his character. He only goes for the right girl. And he is also a jokes drunk.
"Wish Otis was here!"
by gingernutz October 30, 2017
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Acronym for "on the internet". Essentially, the opposite of "irl" (in real life.)
by redgiant May 17, 2006
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a guy with a big belly that enjoys fishing and fighting
a "wow this fisherman is so fat "

b "yeah is an Oty"
by hhelenahh June 23, 2010
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