an on the fence state. it is not as homosexual as california and not as drug addicted as washington.
by fearthemoo January 04, 2011
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Fuck you if you think we're all pale. Live in the Rogue Valley during the summer and tell us we don't get any sun. Most days are 100-110. Pale, my ass. But, uh, the hippie thing is true. In Ashland, anyway.

Don't go outside today, you'll get burned as soon as you step out. Turn up the A/C! We're in freakin' Oregon!
by Pancakes. November 25, 2008
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State of the union where the people and the speed limits are all five miles an hour slower than the rest of the country.
I was making good time until I hit Oregon.
by plasmacobalt April 08, 2006
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The best state in the U.S. Californians hates us but that just because their state is full of fags and it’s is governed by a fucking movie actor. We have amazingly hot women and the best scenic views you could ever see. The only reason we are racist is because Mexicans realize that Oregon has allot of jobs. We have the best skiing and snowboarding in America. People from all over America come to the Columbia George to wind surf. You can come to visit but don’t move it. o, and we pronounce it ORY-GUN not ORY-gone you dumbasses.
I never want to leave Oregon. California sucks dick and who the fuck would ever want a movie actor to run a state. he might be able to kill robots in a movie but that doesnt make him able to run a state fuck-tards

you can talk all the shit you want about oregon, I will be at Mt. Hood hitting the slopes all year round bithes.
by Randy Brian M. May 16, 2008
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A large suburb of Los Angeles located in the Pacific Northwest, inhabited by former Californians all pretending to be natives and hate Californians.
"I'm an Oregon native," meaning: "I moved here from Rancho Cucamonga 7 years ago."
by Jeff E July 21, 2005
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Welcome to the One of the most Rainest places in the continental United States. Its CLoudy all the Time,
It Rains at least once a week if not more. Cronic Disorder is a huge problem(People go crazy becuase not enough Vitimen C, Or SUNLIGHT) GET SOME SUN Pale Organians
by Cody April 21, 2005
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The Maine of the west. Both state's biggest city is Portland, both are known for their wood, both are populated by nobody outside of the cities, in both states it rains all the time, and both are filled with white people.
Girl in couple: Do you want to go to Maine or Oregon for vacation this year?
Guy: What's the difference?
by BayardMiller January 09, 2010
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