When you get super drunk Saturday and forget to upload that picture, or got home at like 6 a.m on sunday and feel weird saying "Took dis last nite so much fun" then just add a #BackToSaturdaySunday or #BTSS to show everyone what you did the day before. That way you can still upload a selfie for your ' Selfiesunday ' without looking like you changed your clothes to take a selfie.
Teenage Girl: Omgggg #Back To Saturday Sunday when i look this pic of me and my niggros holla' at me bois #BTSS

Me: -Facepalm-
by Me, no one else. June 11, 2013
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Catholic. You go to church on Saturday night, get your church on. Then Sunday start your new week of debauchery and sinful living. Spoof on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Michelle to her co-worker: "I'd like to invite you to church this Sunday."

Betty: "Thank You, what church do you go to?"

Michelle: "It's the Church of Latter-Day Saints."

Betty: "Oh, I used to go to the Church of Saturday Saints and Sunday sinners! We had bingo, spaghetti suppers with a beer garden, wine with Communion. You go to church Saturday night, look all churchy, then the next day go back to being you! Come next Saturday, get reset to zero again."

Michelle: "Oh, never mind then..."
by Turkey Trot March 15, 2011
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A: Hy biatch did you hear the new track of Saturday and Sunday?
B: Euhmmm... do you mean The Weeknd?
by XXXGlobglobgagalabtion May 25, 2019
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