best fuckin punk/ska band ever. broke up after 2 years but played 180= shows, usually at parties or small clubs.
jesse wrote the best and most meaningful lyrics of any band-ever. tensions in our lives that are destroying our lives, unite themselves together to make our conciousness blind, conditioned to self intrest with emotion locked away, if thats what they call normal then id rather be INSANE. -here we go again
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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1) A ska punk band that formed in 1987 and disbanded in 1989 consisting of Jesse Micheals, vocals, Lint, guitar, Matt McCall, bass, and Dave Mello, drums. They originated in Berkeley California around the Gilman St. club.
2) Code name for testing nuclear bombs in the '40's
1) The Operation Ivy 7" was called Hectic.
2) There was much objection once Operation Ivy became public.
by Dayglo June 19, 2004
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awsome band with the most genius lyrics i have ever heard in my life. Go check them out. everything they say in their songs is brilliant
"success is obiediance to a structured way of life. you cant ignore the structure because were all within it's sight" -op ivy

by sk September 8, 2003
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o shit..operation ivy is the greatest band...matt freeman is the best bass player i hhave ever heard and tim armstrong is just awesome.....operation ivy is greatest ska band ever
if you dont think operation ivy is good..then fuck you
by T0m March 5, 2004
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Best damned punk band known to man. Started in '87 ended in '89. You may have heard of Tim, yea he's in Rancid. Too bad for the singer, he's now in Common Rider.
That song 'Journey to the end of East Bay' by Rancid is about Operation Ivy.
by Andy May 7, 2003
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1.Really great ska band holding potential legends. Matt Freeman on the bass, him and Tim Armstrong moved onto Rancid. When Rancid took a break Tim started the Transplants with Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker (finally left that one gay band). Matt Freeman is temporarily touring with Social Distortion in which the singer of Rancid shows up at most the shows.

2.Nuclear bomb testing
"Hey man, i see some wigger, turn up Bad Town by Operation Ivy!"

"Dude, Operation Ivy completely owns Rancid!"

"My grandpa was there during Operation Ivy, he got to see bombs go BOOM!"
by Crack squad September 29, 2005
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One of the first bands to combine ska and punk to make...... ska punk. 1 of my favourites.
by Nick August 15, 2003
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