(n.) Very talented, former Blink182 drummer. He used to be so awesome. Then he left Blink182, married a barbie doll/pamela anderson look-alike, got his own ridiculous MTV reality show, and joined the very odd Transplants, who kinda suck.
Newlyweds, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, and then Meet the Barkers.
by xximxnotxokayxx June 2, 2005
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Travis Barker
A very small,skinny,tattooed man that receives for some odd reason unprecedented praise for his drumming in the extremely mainstream and genre defining {TOTAL AND UNDENIABLE SHIT} band known as Blink 182. Not surprisingly most who find him to be an "excellent drummer" have never played drums before or are aspiring,novice, white teens that have played drums for 6 months which commonly hail from wealthy families or from upper-middle class suburban homes that annually net around $160,000- $300,000 between both parents.

Travis has a show on an unequivocably satanic, greed driven, network known as MTV {EMP-TY-V} that is hell bent on detroying genuine and truthful music which threatens their plans for brainwashing the world at large with broadcasts that influence the young and the old. These influences in the broadcasts stem from advertising/ marketing of clothing lines, fast food giants, cell phone providers, automobile manufacturers, record labels, movie studios, soft drink companies, etc. all of which whom support globilization, keeping America as dumb if not more dumb than we already are, and kicking the shit out of smaller countries's economies where the majority of the above mentioned companies products can be made for pennies on the dime by little brown people in sweat shops.

Travis can often be seen on his show with a bored, vacant {yet still arrogant and pretentious} look on his face because well he's simply not thinking about anything at all in case you are wondering.On the show sometimes Travis will take a drive in his gass guzzling H2 with his fat, pregnant wife that seems to be on alot of psychiatric medication so she can try and escape the pains of having plenty of money and soothe the issues of worry about her indecisiveness over some new materialistic acquisition. On ocassion you might see Travis get pulled over by a cop because he was speeding and get asked for his proof of insurance which he won't have. The premise of this kind of scene is to make viewers take Travis's side and feel anger towards the officer because they are doing their job and well we all know cops simply are the enemy of punk rockers. This makes for trully "riveting" entertainment. Those that find this kind of television stimulating are trully better off being grabbed out of the couch whilst their sitting, tied to a car, and dragged until nothing is left of them....
Pete: Hey did you hear Travis Barker's show on MTV got cancelled?
Adam: There is a God!
by the genuine article April 11, 2006
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A fake drummer with absolutely no talent. His drumming technique is all about volume and SHITastic beats. He believes (along with many of his retarded fans) that he is a self proclaimed "GOD of Drumming" which is very far from the truth. There are even 9 yr olds who can play much better, much faster and much cooler beats then him.
Travis Barker
fake ass
epic fail
by DaRealTruth May 24, 2010
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One of the Most talented and wonderful drummers of all time. Not only is a musical genieus, he is a loving a devoted father to his Children. He's kind, sensitive, loving, and the sexiest man in the world. He cares about others and makes time for his family and friends and his band.
Travis Barker is Talented
by #1 MILF in AMERICA January 29, 2009
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Drummer for Punk-Rock band Blink-182 and also drummer for side projects such as +44, Box Car Racer and The Transplants. One of the greatest drummers alive.
Travis Barker is a insane drummer
by wh@ti5twitt3r August 12, 2009
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A talented drummer for various bands such as The Aquabats, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, +44, and various other composing artists. Travis also created the popular clothing brand Famous Stars and Straps. Travis Barker recently rejoined Blink-182 as announced at the Grammys 09' due to a plane crash after a five year haitus.
Travis Barker is the envy of many drummers as well as an idol.
by KyleOudman February 25, 2009
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drummer for blink-182. former bands include: boxcar racer, +44, The aquabats, and transplants. Amazing punk drummer. One of the best punk drummers today; one of the best ever.
That guy with tattoos all over his fucking body drumming in mid air is Travis Barker the 1st!!
by Little_Drummer_Boy11 October 6, 2009
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