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Tim is explaining his life and his thoughts about what he thinks out loud in the voice of music. He was a loner when a teenager, hardly had any friends or any money and music was his only survival. You say Tim Armstrong is a sellout? Well, fuck you, because Tim is punk in his own righteous way, being the fact that he is himself. That's what makes you punk. Tim listens to and is friends with the casualties, the uk subs, and was with the ramones, hence that they played with them. Now shut your gobs about the fact that he is or is not punk, or a sellout, hes doing what he loves doing, and is punk for doing so. Just because he's a sellout, does that make him 'not punk'? I think not.
Tim Is Himself, Making Himself Punk.
by stefan karapatis March 10, 2004
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the lead singer of the excellent punk band Rancid
why is it that as soon as a band has any sort of success they are apparently "sell-outs"?
by Sars July 21, 2004
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heart broken punk king, the one who put love and tears in punk. friend
by sonia plath September 02, 2003
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lead of one of the greatest punk bands of the 90's
rancid n transplant but transplant is pretty new
by mebo December 31, 2003
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just a little info on tim...
he has a lisp
and a mohawk
used to be married to brody armstrong of the distillers but divorced her after she cheated on him with queens of the stone age lead singer
has his own record label (hellcat)
used to be homeless druggie from berkley and has become the greatest
has been in the transplants rancid and operation ivy all are great
i looooove tim and rancid
by punkloverpyro March 29, 2004
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