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A influential punk band in the 80's. They were instrumental in the formation of the DC HarDCore scene in Washington, DC. The band was fronted by Ian MacKaye and included Brian Baker on bass, Lyle Preslar on guitar, and Jeff Nelson on drums. The band is probably most famous for the song 'Straightedge'. MacKaye currently fronts Fugazi, and Baker plays in Bad Religion.
Dude, Minor Threat were an amazing example of DC HarDCore.
by Dayglo November 10, 2004
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1) A ska punk band that formed in 1987 and disbanded in 1989 consisting of Jesse Micheals, vocals, Lint, guitar, Matt McCall, bass, and Dave Mello, drums. They originated in Berkeley California around the Gilman St. club.
2) Code name for testing nuclear bombs in the '40's
1) The Operation Ivy 7" was called Hectic.
2) There was much objection once Operation Ivy became public.
by Dayglo June 19, 2004
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