Slang term for something totally awesome or absolutely amazing. Similar to gnarly i.e. something that goes beyond radical or extreme.
Dude I went to Cuba in the summer. It was totally rancid!!!!
by Plumburgercheese May 26, 2009
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When something or someone is yuck, filthy or smells horrible and stomach turning. pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.
"In Year 4 Cam got kicked out of school for eating bugs" said Alec
"Thats Absolutely Rancid Bra Chat Soul bra" said Cam
by Potato for a heart May 9, 2020
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Punk/Ska band developed in 1991. Starting with

Tim Armstrong (Vocals/Guitarist)
Matt Freeman (Backing Vocals/Guitarist)
Brett Reed (Drums)
Lars Frederiksen (Bassist/Vocals)

This band is amazing and unless seen and heard in concert. One cannot be truly declared as a Rancid fan. You could have sex with Tim Armstrong...but unless you've heard him live you're not a true fan.

When you hear a Rancid song, you know its Rancid. Especially after hearing Tim Armstrongs voice.
"well, he's back in the hole where they got him living
like a rat but he's smarter than that nine lives
like a cat 15 years old take him to the youth authority home
first thing you learn is that you got to make it
in this world alone " -Time Bomb-

Me:"Hey dude!"
Me:"I've got good news and bad news"
Me:"Rancids going back on tour and their new albums coming out!!"
Mike:"Cool...whats the badnews."
Me:"I used your money for tickets..."
Mike:"How is that bad? We got tickets to Rancid"
Me:"No...Me and Jenny did..."
by NoVaKaiNe July 3, 2006
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'I don't know why he only calls when he want to hook-up. It's just so rancid.'
by ShaeBae98 November 3, 2014
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Used as a substitute for words such as "wicked" and dope".
Describes how awesome or extreme something is.
Person #1) "Dude, that jump was so gnar!"

Person #2) "Yeah man! It was rancid!"
by Petite_Danillo March 21, 2009
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Another word for vile or disgusting usually said by the British
1. God this music is rancid.
2. This milk has gone rancid.
by murphoman May 26, 2010
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To put a tremendous amount of effort into making something look unapealing. Commonly by adding realistic characteristics to cartoony characters.
"Someone bought Soul Calibur to make the most rancid character possible
by Celeste1138 January 24, 2019
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