7 definitions by T0m

The Clash are the most almighty band of all time
i FOught the LAwwww!!
by T0m March 28, 2004
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this band is really really good...i cnt say that there like awesome but i cn say they are good
by T0m March 28, 2004
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when a grl has a NICE ass or nice tits or both
o shit menG....thats grls got some biggo bittes
by T0m March 18, 2004
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o shit..operation ivy is the greatest band...matt freeman is the best bass player i hhave ever heard and tim armstrong is just awesome.....operation ivy is greatest ska band ever
if you dont think operation ivy is good..then fuck you
by T0m March 5, 2004
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this guy above me is an idiot.....a trode is a cock that is wider than it is tall
that guy cock is a trode....we should set him on fire
by T0m March 5, 2004
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