Gilman School for Boys is located in Baltimore, MD, on the stretch of road known as Northern Parkway. Mostly filled with pretentious boys, half of which are full of themselves and drink and smoke on a regular basis. The other half is calm and slightly more normal, and then there's the small portion of students that are just fucking weird. Located across the street from Bryn Mawr and RPCS, most Gilman boys find themselves dating a girl from either school, and enduring as they talk about how much they hate the other female school. However stupid they may seem from this description, Gilman boys are actually very cute and fun. They can be the life of the party, despite the regulations and rules that their school enforces upon them.
Rivals: McDonough and BL
mascot: Greyhounds
hottness scale of 1-10: 9 ;-)

That Gilman is such a hard school...but the boys are so hot! :-D
by C June 19, 2006
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An all-male college preparatory school of about one thousand students in northern Baltimore City.

Gilman was founded as the Country School for Boys in 1897 in the Homewood House on the campus of Johns Hopkins University. In 1910, the school moved to its current 68-acre campus on Roland Avenue in Baltimore City, into a building (now called Carey Hall) designed by one of Baltimore's most notable architects of the day, David Hamilton Thomas, Jr., and its name became "The Gilman Country School for Boys," to honor Daniel Coit Gilman, president of Johns Hopkins, who played an instrumental role in the early years of the school. In 1951, the "Country" was dropped, and the school became "The Gilman School for Boys," the name by which it is known today.

Gilman is often noted for its strength in academics, usually being held in higher esteem than its rival schools, like Boys' Latin, McDonough, and St. Paul's. The course offerings in the Upper School each semester number more than 100 and cover a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. The core curriculum is rigorous and surveys a wide variety of material. There are also opportunities to take classes at the neighboring girls' schools, and to study independently. Gilman's academic program provides its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in higher education and the world beyond. Indeed, Gilman graduates go on to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

Gilman stresses the importance of athletics to building the whole person. The school's interscholastic teams have excelled, winning championships in football, basketball, lacrosse, and tennis just in the last few years. Other strong programs include soccer, wrestling, and golf. Gilman teams also sometimes have athletes named to be All-Americans in their sports, a testimony to the strength of the Athletic program and the talent of its participants.

Gilman seeks to educate its students in mind, body, and spirit. This is accomplished through intensive academic work, participation in athletics, and character development. The school's ultimate goal is to turn boys into young men of character and integrity, men who will become vital members of the communities in which they take part and give back all they can to those communities.

In tuo lumine lumen. In your light, (there is) light.


Blue and Grey

Notable Gilman graduates include:
Walter Lord '35, author of A Night to Remember, an account of the Titanic
Frank Deford '57, Sports Illustrated and freelance sports writer
Robert Ehrlich '75, Governor of Maryland
I go to Gilman, the best school ever!
by Japgar February 27, 2006
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When the male genitals are reversed such that the testicles grow from above the penis at the base.
Turns out, some girls are really into my gilman
by Mike Huckabee January 31, 2008
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a school filled with kids who think they are the shit but are really a bunch of butt pirates. They also think they are sick at lacrosse but the only way they use their lacrosse sticks is to practice blowing and having sex with their boyfriends. A school filled with tools.
Did you see that kid from Gilman? Oh yea dude he is a total tool.
by the kid 23 October 5, 2011
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Where boys with dads richer than yours go to nut to levels by avicii and disrespect women. If he does alot of drugs but has no concept of how the government and big pharma has orchestrated the drug epidemic to target minorities, hes a gilman boy.
“yo whats that pile of trash?”
“thats a group of gilman boys”
by fruitloopsarentforkids December 17, 2018
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The shortened version of 924 Gilman Street, a non-profit club in North Berkeley, California. The club was founded in 1986 and it books rock/punk bands, including local ones, that have not been signed to a major label. Gilman is run and opperated by the people who attend and even play at the shows.

Gilman was the origin of many of the East Bay's punk bands like Operation Ivy, Isocracy, Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Rancid, and more.
person 1: " hey, what are u doin this weekend?"
person 2: " im gonna go to gilman cuz theres a hella good line-up"
by Foryourinfo December 4, 2006
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a legendary music venue located in Berkeley, CA. it is non-profit, all-ages and maintained by volunteers. it was opened in 1987, and gave bands like green day and rancid a start. it is often refered to as just "The Gilman."
"Where are you going tonite?"
"I'm gonna go see Plan 9 at the Gilman."
by kelsey July 20, 2004
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