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an oversized novelty vehicle. a condescending term for a ridiculously oversized SUV, H2, SUT, 4x4 etc., that has never seen anything resembling the off-road, and is often being driven by a suburban soccer mom who is talking on her cell phone
The ONVs outnumber the cars here!
by sk April 22, 2005
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gay Beyond All Recognition. Used to describe someone (or something) that is "flaming" gay.
Mr A: Hey do you like my shirt?
Mr B: Not really, it's gaybar.
by sk November 19, 2003
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the most beautiful girl in the world. unbelieve characteristics, smart, sexy, charming, loving, undeniably amazing.
by sk December 25, 2004
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wonderfully delightful little frozen burritos
will you put that chimichanga in the mic for me so i can enjoy its savory splendidness in a little less than a minute? thanks
by sk September 9, 2003
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why cant you come with us? oh yeah cuz your pussy whipped.
by sk September 9, 2003
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something or someone worth a million dollas
by sk March 4, 2005
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