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something or someone worth a million dollas
by sk March 4, 2005
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when someone fucks up at a party by dropping beer or breaking something or falling.
::drops beer::

everyone: "Party Foul!"
by sk September 7, 2003
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an oversized novelty vehicle. a condescending term for a ridiculously oversized SUV, H2, SUT, 4x4 etc., that has never seen anything resembling the off-road, and is often being driven by a suburban soccer mom who is talking on her cell phone
The ONVs outnumber the cars here!
by sk April 21, 2005
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awsome band with the most genius lyrics i have ever heard in my life. Go check them out. everything they say in their songs is brilliant
"success is obiediance to a structured way of life. you cant ignore the structure because were all within it's sight" -op ivy

by sk September 7, 2003
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skunk or grass, the better alternative to resin. see weed
make yourself useful and grind up this green for me
by sk September 9, 2004
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Krissy (Kitty) Brown a conceided girl that has a lust for power but can't handle the power
You are a Hipacrockadogapig
by sk November 19, 2003
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