(adj.) Fabulously sensual, bouncy, and playful all at the same time. Stimulating, arousing, joyous. Aphrodisiac quality.

"get ooby" (verb) To be in a state of, or a state of becoming, ooby (often with enthusiasm, often under the influence).
My girlfriend's boobies are so ooby; I play with them before I sink my head into them and fall asleep.

I don't want no god damn salad -- I want somethin' ooby like southern fried chicken and biscuits.

Tonight, I plan to get ooby with a doobie.

We went to the club and got real ooby.
by DaOobyQueen March 16, 2011
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Oobi is the one of the best shows on TV! It's not just for kids (I think).
The only shows I watch religiously are The Sopranos, Meet the Press, and Oobi!
by samantha March 31, 2004
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a false god invented by the krasnans for the sole purpose of annoying Jeff Stanford, not to mention twisted humor
let us sacrifice some toddlers to Oobi.
by God OWNS You November 11, 2003
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The most magnificent pair of breasts you will ever see in your life.
Those oobies make up 80% of her body weight. OOBIES!!!!!
by oobies July 22, 2005
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The official deity and religion of the Kraznan Empire. Created when "666" is added to "hell" on a calculator (1134 turned upside down). Still a more plausible creation then Christianity's, though.
And now, let us pray to the almighty Oobi. Oobi...Oobi...Oobi....
by Silly Whitey November 08, 2003
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The world's dumbest show for preschoolers. It doesn't teach kids to talk in complete sentences and It's about a hand with two eyeballs.
Dude! If you look at Oobi's middle finger with the eyeballs it looks like something!
by Gwen Stefani Grrl September 21, 2003
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interjection; exclaimation.
similar to "oops" but....much better.

said in a quieter manner.
"hey, did you remember to pick up your
little sister from school??"

YOU: "....oobies"
by Team Wiggy February 01, 2008
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