A chip that inserts into the back of an Ad-hd Kids neck. There is also OOBIE-DOOBIE nectar which can restore the chip and end side effects of day dreaming. You can also use the word to replace something that is stupid or crazy. This was deprived from kids in the city of Carmel Indiana and is a slang word.
by Shmo January 25, 2018
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Two male cats, aggressively fucking on top of a bail of hay.
We don't need them too oobie doobie all of my hay!
by Remrem500 March 04, 2017
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A racist term for someone of Muslim decent. Bearded men who are is interested in private pilot lessons, people who hate the smell of sweet sweet freedom, IED experts etc.
I didn't sleep with my niece that was damn shifty eyed Ooby Doby next store, Ackmed.
by Racist Asshole (G.W. Bush) Fuc December 09, 2010
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A small disk inserted into the back of someone’s neck.
William needs that oobie doobie chip for his behavior.
by Shmo January 25, 2018
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The unknown person that gave birth to our savor, Oobi
We pray to Oobi’s Mom, Amen
by Jsjjsjshbdbdjsbsb January 19, 2019
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oobies is just boobies without the B 🤷🏾 ♀️
Damn look at those oobies bouta bust
by Vitamin May 18, 2021
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Boobs that have no nipples, and/or are often more squarical than spherical.
Person 1: Ugh, you are dating Hannah?
Person 2: Yeah, why?
Person 1: Ew she has oobies
by Cjfalz December 31, 2019
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