a single glimpse of breasts. A flash .. or a quick peek. can also be a type of tease where only one appears in view,
I saw the oobie but her husband came in the room.

Plural -- Julie gave me oobies but never followed through with the real thing.
by eugien April 01, 2007
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Expletive usually reserved for children attempting to avoid a stinging insect.
What...? Is that a...? Oobi! Aaaaaugggh!
by Kane December 14, 2003
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"OOBY DOO, I wanna be like youuuuu, I wanna TALK like you WALK like you oooooooooooooooo"
by PlasticSamurai October 04, 2017
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A word used to react to any kind of situations, and also as an adjective that has a similar meaning to "cool" or "dope"
It can also be shortened to just "oobie" or "goobie"
"Hey, you saw the latest episode yesterday?"
"Yeah man, that shit was Oobie Goobie as fuck!"
by parziwank February 13, 2021
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When your cold but the blanket doesn't help cause the thing that is cold is your soul.
"Man it is so cold in here do you have a blanket."
"You don't need a blanket you need help."
"True I guess it's a sloobie oobie
by Litterbox September 29, 2017
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