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On the
dude1: guess what?
dude2: what?
dude2: ROFLMAO
by samantha February 19, 2005

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A slang term for heroin. Other terms that mean the same include Horse, Smack, Junk, Skunk, Mud, etc.
Hey motherfucker, you got the H?
by Samantha July 01, 2003

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A common phrase, that if added to the end of any simple sentance, can make it sound dirty.
I'm gonna go scuba diving tonight, if you know what I mean.

I'm gonna make the bed, if you know what I mean.

We paid the bills the other day, if you know what I mean.
by Samantha May 09, 2004

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my definition of jeff hardy would be that his a a talent and he should not have left or have been fired.
but i think of jeff hardy as compleatly and uterly insane but in a good way
when he jumped of the 20 foot ladder that was intence
by samantha February 04, 2004

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not only a wonderful thespian but one the most original characters in Hollywood
"Publicly, Winona is rather approachable. People describe her as nice, friendly, cooperative, and polite. On the other hand, you can sense that she's a troubled lady. Hazy about her purpose in life, she's sensitive and spiritually confused, which has caused her to suffer bouts of depression and panic attacks.

Still, it's most likely that sensitivity that has made her such a wonderful thespian. Even if she's played characters ranging from cheerleaders and teenage wives to rebellious daughters and feminists, she never chooses roles to advance her career. What makes her so special is the fact that she never works just for a paycheck." askmen.com
by Samantha April 22, 2005

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Very hot british actor. Very talented. NOT old. The best Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.
"Pride and Prejudice is such a good movie!"
"Colin Firth is so hot."
by samantha September 03, 2004

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It's just a bracelet! Jeez!! Some people may think that they have sexual meanings...but I don't. I didn't even know about this crap until this girl came up to me and was telling me how they may ban them from our school!! I went online to see what the big issue was and came to this website. Wow, how bored can one person be!? Let's all sit at home and start making meanings for the socks you wear. Jeez!! That's coming next!! I mean for real people...grow up!! I'm in 8th and I have sense enough to realize that this is all a bunch of bull. But if you really want to scold your kids for being fashionable...you do that, but right after...I suggest some mental help!! Just let us do our own thing. Don't be worried about finding bracelets...be worried when you find birth controll and a box of condoms half empty...!!
**FaShIoN...that's all it is...FaShIoN**
by Samantha January 24, 2004

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