A drop dead gorgeous athletic hottie, usually blonde and smart, but is ALWAYS the life of the party. She's an amazing Friend and will never let you down. Teachers parents and kids like her, she's very charismatic but can be stubborn in some situations. Loves animals and is very outgoing. She plays hard to get when it comes to dating, but is very loving when you have her.
Guy 1- she's so sexy just look at her, she's the whole package!
Guy 2- Hey, I saw her first! Christiane is awesome.
by smartie333 December 20, 2014
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Christian is an amazing person. He is a super charismatic, intelligent, kind, witty, and rad guy. If you’re having a shitty day, he will be the one to make you laugh and smile. He really cares about you, and makes sure you’re doing okay, despite the things he goes through. He’s a one of a kind person, and anyone should be so lucky to have a Christian in their life. If you have a Christian in your life, don’t let him go.
Person: hey do you know Christian =) ?
Person 2: yea, he’s awesome!
Person: I know right?!
by AmandaNoel;) October 20, 2019
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A very rare name in America,
but popular in France and Germany.

A feminine form of the Christian.

Pronounced like 'Christy-Anne' for all
the retards who fuck it up all the time
and say "Christian," "Christina," "Christine," etc.

An intelligent female.
Damn, that girl Christiane is so precocious.
by Christianeee June 16, 2008
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Someone who is tired of searching their name on the internet and recieving only religion-related results, overall an awesome person, extremely intelligent and attractive
Christian searched his name on Google and ended up on the website for a local church
by cvega1091 September 30, 2009
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A female name common in Europe, especially Germany.

It is a variant of "Christian" and means "follower of Christ."

The correct pronunciation of name is "Christy-AH-neh." When a German word ends in the letter "e", it makes a "eh" or "ah" sound. Yes, I agree, it is very frustrating having this name in the US because it is always mispronounced.

Christiane Amanpour is a famous news correspondent for CNN. She, however, pronounces her first name "Christy-ahn."
My maid-of-honor is named Christiane.
by ABeautifulName February 4, 2010
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During his life Jesus teached, told parables, performed miracles,etc. Some people started to follow him and then crowds followed him. Then they started to call him Messiah and then other people got angry. Even though Jesus never did anything wrong people still hated him. They thought he wanted to become king. Then they planned to kill him. Over the time of Jesus's live he gathered 12 people and called him there disciples. They are like personal followers of Jesus. One day while Jesus was in the garden praying one of his disciples betrayed him. The guards captured him and then later sentenced him to death. He was crucified on across and died while his hands and feet were nailed to the cross) As Christian's we believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our deadly sins. There is a price to pay for our sins. And that us death. But Jesus died for us to save us from a enternal burning lake of fire, a burning hell. 3 days later he did something even more amazing he rose from the dead. So in summary Christianity is the belief of God's son Jesus coming to Earth saving us and raising from the the dead. But there is more to Christianity than you think. So much more. Like the Holy Spirit. We also believe that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us to God. Then when we die we go to heaven and praise,worship and live with God until the end of the world. Even still there is so much more. God loves you. That is just my definition of Christianity.
I believe that Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship.
by Kiity lovers June 4, 2018
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Originally people who followed the teachings of Christ and his message of peace and toleration and acceptance of everyone rich or poor, man or woman, or any race. Throughout history some have abused this religion for their own selfish needs, False Prophets lieing to Christians and saying something is God's will when in reality it's their own. In turn this has hurt the religion some and its lost some of its followers. True Chrisitians tolerate everyone and try to teach the gospel of Christ to anyone who wants to learn or follow it. They believe in the Holy Trinity, which consists of God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost being three things while at the same time being one. Sort of like a cube is a cube but at the same time its also squares and also lines put together. True Christians try to help out their fellow man any way possible. Weather that be in the form of donations, food problems, medical help, or just needing a friend.
Mary: "Hey you want to go to the soup kitchen today with me and the other Christians from our church?"

John: "Sure"
by Truespeaker August 16, 2011
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