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when a guy is dancing behind an unknown girl , for example in a crowded disco or pub , and He is trying to put his pelvis as close,of the girl's bottom as, he can, following the rhythm of music while He is faking to dance.
Girl: She was onioning so hard on my ass last night! I thought it was gonna go numb!!
by SpanishUrbanBoy September 19, 2016
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When you shoplift from the supermarket by scanning items through the self-service till as an onion (the lowest price item).
In a shameful display of self destruction, depression and sickening greed (potentially malice), pitiful celebrity TV 'chef' Anthony 'The Abhorrent' Worrell Thompson was caught literally red handed onioning a bottle of red wine and some camembert. His family are dutifully shocked.
by jamejame January 14, 2012
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