A One Touch is to drink, as quickly as you can, the drink in your hand, but only touch the tip of the bottle, rim of the glass, or edge of the can, one time to your lips. One Touches are often initiated by someone yelling One Touch and includes everyone within ear shot with a drink to join in. Often times during a One Touch, participants will take a knee while drinking, as an act of showmanship and for attention grabbing. A One Touch can also be known as a One T for those who are pressed for time. The One Touch is best performed in heavily public areas, for example: Family Restaurants, Music Festival Camp Grounds, Walmart, etc.
Scott: ONE TOUCH !!!
Matt: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Jess: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Nick: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Jared: *Takes a knee and drinks*
by MattyPooh May 15, 2014
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A game in which a group of people try and keept a football (the spherical type) up in the air. So called because each player is only allowed one touch of the ball until it gets touched by another player. Only one bounce is allowed between touches. If a player touches the ball more than once or lets it bounce more than once, he is Out.

Eventually, one player will be left, and he (or she) is the champion.

A lot of judgement is required as to who is 'out', particularly if it is the 'one bounce' rule that has been broken. Normally the player nearest to the ball is out, unless the ball gets skyed in which case the person who kicked it away is out.

as in football Hands may NOT be used.
Let's go to the field and play One Touch, One Bounce.
by chimpanziggle January 11, 2007
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A way of expressing love between two people involving hitting/slapping/pushing of each other.

This method of love expression is predominant between males.

A/N: 'One Touch Love' was popularized by the Jaemin couple of DBSK.
Jaejoong: Ow Changmin, why did you hit me?
Changmin: Hyung, I'm just showing you some 'One Touch Love'.
by Hoshiko_Malfoy July 14, 2008
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One tough cookie, person that is difficult to get in touch with
he is one touch cockie
by Glen Forrester Young April 19, 2007
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To lose the ability or talent once had. No longer being in posses of a particular skill or a set of skills towards a certain matter.
Pietro is no longer able to present classes, he has completely lost his touch.

NOTE: to lose one's touch was applied with "his", could be her, its, your, our and their.
by teachergui January 17, 2018
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One Touch One Bounce abrv.( One T One B) is a playground football game where you have a group of people 2 or more in a circle formation. The aim of the game is to keep playing while trying to get people out. You are only allowed one touch to get someone out or play until someone messes up a kick as well as one bounce although having no bounces are allowed.

You can kick the ball in anyway possible but the other players must be able to reach the ball or else they will be out.

The game can be fast paced and you can do volleys or play it to see how many touches everyone in total gets.

The first person out starts the final by throwing the ball in the middle in the air(between two people) . If the ball bounces between two people and hard to tell who was closer it is 50/50 and no one is out.

Head skank are allowed (headering the ball to someone can be done quickly and takes skill to master}

foot skank are not (kicking the ball purposely at someones feet at high speed and they cannot react quick enough

If the ball hits the kerb and fence and bounces back then play on or if other players could have reached it then you are still in.

Written by some guy who adapted the first version when introduced in our school.
Lets go to the playground and play One Touch One Bounce
by Jon defines March 10, 2018
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When you kiss and touch someone like a girlfriend..to fool around with someone because you like each other
Reyes: Hey, Mario are you going out with Alejandra this weekend?
Mario: yes I am.
Reyes: nice! You are going to get some touch ons!!
by Kozeone June 1, 2019
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