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1) It's what NFL players do now during the playing of the national anthem to call attention to alleged police brutality/racial inequality in America, but which has been interpreted by some (especially by those on the political right) as a disrespectful act that insults the American flag and the values the flag represents

2) A euphemism for fellatio
horny gf: Hey, hon, the game is about to start. Would you like me to ummm...take a knee? *wink*
bf: What? Hell, no. Are you insane? It's un-American! What is wrong with you?
horny gf: *sigh* Nevermind...
by AcheNot July 02, 2018
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An American football term for when the quarterback drops to one knee immediately after receiving the snap, thus automatically ending the play.

The use of taking a knee comes only near the end of a game when your team is in possession of the ball and holds a narrow lead (by a touchdown or less). If you execute a run or pass play, you risk turning the ball over and allowing the opposing team to gain possession and a chance to score. By taking a knee, you are able to run down the clock without putting the ball at risk.

A boring, if strategically important, play.
Coach: John, listen - we got 5 seconds remaining, pass the ball to Porter, Porter - you'll take a knee and end this game.

Players: Goooooooooooo........ Tigers!
by BrooksMarlin August 31, 2006
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Declining someone’s invitation.
Hey would you like to come over Friday and Netflix and Chill?

I’ll take a knee on this one.
by Christine21 October 09, 2017
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v. To superficially commit to a cause without having to organize one’s arguments or verbalize one’s position.

So, how is your preparation for the debate on the Syrian war going?

My brain could not take the complexities; I think i’ll just take a knee.
by gnostic3 November 12, 2017
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Nikki: I'm stuffed from this buffet. I'm taking a knee then going back for dessert!
Jenz: Great idea Nikki Niner, you are sooooo smart, and accurate too!
by Nikki Niner May 09, 2005
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To disrespectfully kneel instead of standing up during the National Anthem to protest against politicians you don’t like, because of their discriminatory practices, racist views, or offensive comments.
Imagine if every time an employee or football player doesn’t like something about their CEO or president, they take a knee—aren’t there better ways to justifiably convey their anger or frustration?
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by MathPlus September 30, 2017
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"Take a Knee", the worst diss in sports. This term comes from American Football. Should you screw up during practice or worse, during a game, the coach tells you "take a knee" where which you go to the sideline and kneel down on one knee so that the team and audience can see your total humiliation. I first heard this term in 1984, though I know it has to originate from a date way before my time. My coach of at least 45 yrs. old at the time used this term.

Coach Says: Miss your read...Take a Knee. Miss your block...Take a Knee. Miss your hole...Take a knee.
Ex: John Doe! Get your blocks or you're taking a knee.
Ex: Je..s Freakin' Chr..t... that ball fell right through your hands, Take a Knee.
by ElCompaDelChuco April 02, 2007
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