Hot and Nice. A boy who is tall, tan, and strong. He likes to party and curses a lot. His face is one of a god. He is great at soccer and is typically has brown hair and eyes. He normally has braces for the first part of his life then they come off and everyone falls for him. He is also most compatible with Virgo. He is sweet and easy to fall for but very shy. Oh, and he's the Italian Stallion.
A: Girl, he is smokin!
B: yeah look at those abs!
A: Bet he's a Pietro!
by Latina10 February 25, 2012
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Hawkeye : pietro was so amazing he took three bullets today !!
Everyone : …..
Emo Wanda : *crying*
by BuckyxmrsBarnes September 1, 2021
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A Pietro is a lanky boy, usually taller than your average Italian who spends most of his free time being the King of Fifa. Shy to strangers, but very charming, a Pietro keeps his Hairstyle fresh and sleek. He always takes pride in how he looks and has a large head to carry his big brain.
Person 1: Did you see? Charlie got a new haircut
Person 2: Again?! He is a real Pietro that one
by Marshal89 March 7, 2019
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One who can often be seen quarreling with the creature known as harrison. Many of said quarrels question the sexuality of his opponent.

The Italian Stallion
Pietro: "Harrison, you're gay"
by AmericanBystanders July 31, 2008
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Pietro is the funniest guy, he doesn’t like to be at the centre of the attention but he is the best of a friend group, he likes to be in company but also he likes to be with himself, he has an unusual charm of italian mistery.
He also has a big pp:)
Person: “who is that guy? he looks different from anybody! he’s intriguing…”
Person: “He is Pietro, don’t you see the large bulge in his pants?
by Carson23 November 23, 2021
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Sorry. Definition nowhere to be found. 🙏
Pietro who?
by Prawns Peter November 24, 2021
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