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An Italian stallion. Pietro is a name given to guy who has mad game, has an awesome body, and represents his Italian heritage.
Guy 1: Wow, look at that guy...
Guy 2: He is ripped, and look at all the ladies he gets.
Guy 1: His name must be Pietro
Guy 2: Damn right
by bigman2010 October 06, 2010
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Hot and Nice. A boy who is tall, tan, and strong. He likes to party and curses a lot. His face is one of a god. He is great at soccer and is typically has brown hair and eyes. He normally has braces for the first part of his life then they come off and everyone falls for him. He is also most compatible with Virgo. He is sweet and easy to fall for but very shy. Oh, and he's the Italian Stallion.
A: Girl, he is smokin!
B: yeah look at those abs!
A: Bet he's a Pietro!
by Latina10 February 24, 2012
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One who can often be seen quarreling with the creature known as harrison. Many of said quarrels question the sexuality of his opponent.

The Italian Stallion
Pietro: "Harrison, you're gay"
by AmericanBystanders July 30, 2008
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