1. The act of getting hammered on a fun night out with the ladies, when everyone else is only having a few sociable drinks.

(The Gandolfer will include making a fool of themselves, relying on others to stand, finishing everyones drinks, puking, going home with randoms/inviting randoms to their friends' houses, getting rowdy, puking anywhere, and perhaps keeping everyone up in the night.)

2. Someone who is a borderline alcoholic, and only hangs out with friends if they have booze and/or weed. Their lives tend to revolve around these substances.
1. "ooohh looks like crystal is pulling a huge gandolf tonight, ughhhh"

2. "Miranda is such a gandolf, she needs to go to aa soon."
by paporsha February 27, 2009
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Shoving a wizards staff up a mans asshole.
The Gandolf the Great shoved his bitchin staff up Jake L's asshole so hard that his asshole started to bleed and it got loose.
by Grant and Mitchell nasty July 28, 2007
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When a person is about to cum inside their significant other and they whisper in their ear " a wizard is neither late nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means too. And the couple simultaneously orgasm together.
by Fehtal March 15, 2021
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to take a guess, or to say i think.
im going to take a gandolf on this one and say yes your dad is gay.
by Louie G. March 20, 2007
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A very very very gay old man who has fantasy's about frodo and other hobbits.
"I am Gandolf... come here frodo (becky) i want to touch you ;)"
by Steve March 06, 2003
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With a last ditch effort to avoid a shot in the mouth, the lips are tightly closed and are then covered with semen, resembling the white beard of Gandolf.
That trick was such a prude last night I ended up giving her a Gandolf all over her face.
by TeamMDPB December 23, 2016
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