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To insert ones facial hair into anothers genital cavity. Also Gandolfing.
Damian walked in on his parents Gandolfing.
by acsinc November 19, 2012
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1. The act of getting hammered on a fun night out with the ladies, when everyone else is only having a few sociable drinks.

(The Gandolfer will include making a fool of themselves, relying on others to stand, finishing everyones drinks, puking, going home with randoms/inviting randoms to their friends' houses, getting rowdy, puking anywhere, and perhaps keeping everyone up in the night.)

2. Someone who is a borderline alcoholic, and only hangs out with friends if they have booze and/or weed. Their lives tend to revolve around these substances.
1. "ooohh looks like crystal is pulling a huge gandolf tonight, ughhhh"

2. "Miranda is such a gandolf, she needs to go to aa soon."
by paporsha February 27, 2009
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A very very very gay old man who has fantasy's about frodo and other hobbits.
"I am Gandolf... come here frodo (becky) i want to touch you ;)"
by Steve March 06, 2003
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