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One of the best humans on this Earth. The most healing smile I have seen. There’s no way for you to not love this boy!

Even though we all know he only loves Lee Jeno his son Park Jisung

He is a band member of the popular K-Pop Boy Band NCT. He’s based in the sub-unit NCT Dream. Along with Chenle and Jisung, he is part of Maknae Line (born on 8.13.00) and that boy can snatch your wig anytime he feels like it.

Stream Regular and We Go Up.
by KoOki🖤 November 16, 2018
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A guy from a band named nct who likes his donuts with jam in the middle
by nctzen0813 December 30, 2021
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Na Jaemin is a member of NCT DREAM, one of the subunits of k-pop boyband NCT from SM Entertainment. Jaemin was born on 13th August 2000 in Jeonju-Si, in South Korea. He was one of the SM Rookies and appeared in a show called "Mickey Mouse Club". He debuted with NCT Dream on August 24th 2016 with the song "Chewing Gum". He later went on a 2 year hiatus due to a herniated disc. He came back from his hiatus with the single "GO", which was a part of NCT 2018 Empathy. He has been giving amazing ever since!! Their latest comeback was with a mini album, "RELOADING" in which Jaemin participated in songwriting/composing too!
Please give Jaemin lots of love and Support!!
Jaemin hates strawberry
Jaemin is such a cutie
Jaemin is very selfless
by Donutswithjam February 2, 2021
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Jaemin is a creature who is so kind hearted

and also loves jeno but I am not gonna assume, but where are my nomin shippers at


His smile is so cute and his beautiful eyes that anyone could stare at

but then the duality is a bit scary tho

But also visual KING
Renjun: Jeon where is Jaemin?
Jeno: I dunno :/
by Soobinie_ November 11, 2020
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You like going out but you appreciate your alone time. You have lots of friends and you love to make people laugh.
Person: Are you going somewhere this weekend?

Person 2: Yes I’m going with the best guy Jaemin.
by emilie_thesv February 2, 2021
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The guy who owns my tiktok fyp page and the king of “Nangangamba” “Binibinibackground music in tiktok edits.
Kung ang tagalog ng mirror ay salamin, bakit umaasa ka kay Jaemin?
by hxxnani June 10, 2021
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The Couple name of Jaejoong and Changmin of the Korean boyband DBSK.

The word is a combination of the ‘Jae’ in (Jae)joong and the ‘min’ in Chang(min).

In couple names the dominant partner is usually placed at the beginning of the name. However, for the Jaemin couple the name order does not necessarily indicated the dominant partner.

This couple is also known as the ‘Soul Fighter’ couple.
Have you noticed that the one touch love between the Jaemin couple has gotten more violent? They must be so close! ^_^
by Hoshiko_Malfoy July 14, 2008
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