The man may not look like much but he is a tough cookie.
by Light Joker May 23, 2006
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A snarky, obstinate person who appears to be definiant for no good reason, although they likely have one and aren't telling you. They are masters of walking the line between displaying affection and acting like they don't care.

Watch out for emoticons like this

I would have married him, but he was a tough cookie.

That broad is one tough cookie!
by blochhead March 11, 2010
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Replying with the phrase "tough cookies" to a statement, is a way of displaying your sympathy in a young hip manor.

See also "Tough luck".
A: "My mom just died."
B: "Tough cookies."
by William M Price December 10, 2007
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Someone who frequently gets erections and won't shut up about it
Stop being such a tough cookie and stfu! nobody gives a fuck about your erect penis!
by Eckersley June 15, 2016
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