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Real Name: Shim Changmin
Stage Name: Choikang Changmin
International Name: MAX Changmin
Age: 19 (20)
Birthday: Feb. 18, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Postiton: Tenor in South Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK, Tohoshinki, THSK, TVXQ, TVFXQ, etc.)
Blood Type: B

Changmin is one of five members of the popular South Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki. The over members include, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, and Jung Yunho. Changmin is also the youngest member at age 19, where as the others' ages range from 20-21. He has two younger sisters and is the oldest of three. Both of his parents are teachers.
For more information on Changmin and the other members check out their offical website and Wikipedia!
by JungHee Cho December 26, 2007
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DBSK's resident sharp-tongued badass mofo.

Also known to be quite the ninja, with exceptional eating habits.
Fan: "If I were drowning and your underwear was drowning, what would you save first?"
Changmin: "Well, my underwear can't swim."
by kiratte July 29, 2010
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Can be known as Q.

Changmin is the cutest and handsome boy who can dance well with strong gaze and after the dance music stop he will automatically become a bubble. The squishy and talented boy.
You’re such Changmin ! You can dance well with strong gaze and being cute at the same time !
by maganta June 11, 2018
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A term used to describe males who are made of 1/4 mouth and 1/2 nose. Could also be identified from the frequent usage of the word 'man man' and more recently, 'oh my god'. Impossible to miss during the Asian Song Festival 2007, when he had long flowy black hair which were once more commonly found on prehistoric humans. A Changmin can also be used to describe someone who is obsessively concerned over his/her health. Changmins usually suffer from broken wrist syndrome while singing:- another sufferer of this syndrome is fellow member Junsu. Eating 8 meals a day will also give one arms big enough to hug the earth, another trait of the Changmins. Yet even with those big strong arms, a curious thing about the Changmins is that they can never ever do sports. If you ever meet a Changmin, do not ever let him shoot arrows. They might cause fatal accidents while handling a bow & arrow.
girl1: OMG, you mean you saw the doctor when your friend got sick when you weren't even sick? You're such a Changmin
by thechangminexpert January 04, 2010
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