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Used when something or somebody that one thinks is proness is not really pro at all but only proness-ish because it has minimal proness but is just pro enough to be called proness
I hit on this chick that was kinda hot, it was proness-ish
by MattyPooh July 29, 2008
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A One Touch is to drink, as quickly as you can, the drink in your hand, but only touch the tip of the bottle, rim of the glass, or edge of the can, one time to your lips. One Touches are often initiated by someone yelling One Touch and includes everyone within ear shot with a drink to join in. Often times during a One Touch, participants will take a knee while drinking, as an act of showmanship and for attention grabbing. A One Touch can also be known as a One T for those who are pressed for time. The One Touch is best performed in heavily public areas, for example: Family Restaurants, Music Festival Camp Grounds, Walmart, etc.
Scott: ONE TOUCH !!!
Matt: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Jess: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Nick: *Takes a knee and drinks*
Jared: *Takes a knee and drinks*
by MattyPooh May 15, 2014
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A phrase used to calculate the amount of time it takes you to do something. Usually something around 8:02 or longer.
With all this traffic, my drive that should have been as long as the Highway to Hell took as long as the Stairway to Heaven.
by MattyPooh June 16, 2012
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Dr. Seuss maybe one of the most greatest writers of all time and can be a very good username. It is also a high quality thing, place or person.
This is great, it must be a Dr. Seuss.
by MattyPooh July 13, 2008
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