When you say something and you're deadass about it.
"Ayo I just found $100 in the parking lot"
"Damn on God?
"Yee on God"
by lilm11ka May 05, 2020
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On god is something that getto white girls or just getto girls in general will say. It seems like saying "I swear to god" or "For real"
Jasmin: She fucking does that one more time. Imma beat her ass. On god.
by cali.classic06 October 25, 2019
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brenda: did you take my chicken strip
tori: no
brenda: say on god
by yazzmine November 04, 2019
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when someone tryna lie and make you believe it
Genny: Did you clean up that nasty @ss room?
You: Yea momma, d@mn
Genny: curse again. please. curse again
You: On god ma, you annoying as fvck
Genny: *Whips out belt*
by DEADROSES1827 August 06, 2019
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This is a common slang in Nigeria which means that things are no longer under your control.
Guy 1: How your exams na?
Guy 2: Omo, e dey on God o
by KingBrush January 09, 2021
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