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An extremely good thing, accomplishment, or just something that's fabulous. Something or someone who is great, exceptional, to-the-t or just plain perfect.
"Oh yas hunny, this weave is FOR THA GODS!"

"Her shoes are brand new! Those are for tha gods!!!!"

"This perfect homework is for the gods! Yes!!!"
by tmmontgomery December 22, 2012
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A preface or add-on one might say to try to cover up self embarrassment, misfortune, or mistake.
"I feel off the balcony, but for the record, I was drunk."

"For the record, I did NOT forget my tampon. It just fell out of my purse."

"When are you going to do something around this house?? For the record, I've lightly dusted and barely vacuumed."
by tmmontgomery March 9, 2017
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In gay slang, a man who is attractive. Usually a man with big muscles, or whom is very handsome. Can be used to describe a straight or gay man. Usually used within a personal conversation but may be uttered to said daddy in a social or playful setting. It may or may not be used in a sentence.

In past years, 'daddy' in gay slang referred generally to an older gay man, possibly with a beard or a husky 'dad' build. It also was defined as a man who was wise, well educated or who was financially successful.

These two meanings can be used interchangeably.
(Driving with a friend, see an attractive, muscular guy walking down the sidewalk) "Dang DADDDYY!!!"

Full sentence: "Jared always wears the tightest t-shirts. He's such a daddy."
by tmmontgomery April 3, 2018
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