To the T means something that lives up to expectations or fits you right.
It's used in Varsity Fanclub's - Future Love
"I put all the others behind me, they don't live up. I know what I want, what I need, to the T."
by AznBabe495 February 07, 2009
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The emote of someone giving the finger. Used as a calm, non-nutritive reply to a troll, (usually on a MMO/MMORPG)or just something to piss people off. Whether a _ or a . is used for the mouth is completely optional.
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx:wtf man
~BobbyJoe56: fuck that lol *trollface*
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx: t(-_-t) or t(-.-t)
~BobbyJoe56: . . .
by xXEmoteQueenXx January 18, 2011
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It's the new emoticon! It stands for look of intense studying. It's when someone is studying something intently. The lines on the top stand for eyebrows, the parenthesis stand for eyes and the | lines in between stand for the pupils. It's a serious emoticon. Mostly used by those who study a lot and/or like studying. It means they're studying.
Person A: How's it going?
Person B: is studying intently (T)_(T) Fine. Don't worry if I don't answer right away, I'm studying.
Person A: O.K. so what else is new?
*two minutes later
Person B: Nothing much. (T)_(T) I'm studying. Studying is fun!
by HawaiianPunch1 January 10, 2013
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An emote used whenever someone wants to convey their anguish over something.

The T's are the eyes: slits with tears running down the cheeks. The caret is the mouth, which is pulled up into a pout.
My dumbass brother stole 20 bucks from me! T^T
by Kuja the Peacock September 19, 2008
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This is an ASCII implementation of Kirby, the small round pink Nintendo character, flicking somebody off with both hands.
He cut me off on the freeway. You know what I did? t('.'t)
by M89 December 27, 2003
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A smiley of a man or kirby flipping you off.
Person 1: L0l 1 0wn3d y0u n00b!
Person 2: W/e, t(^.^t)
Person 1: WTF?!
by zzMoronzz May 19, 2008
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Someone flipping you off with both hands. See, the tops of the Ts are the fingers...
Margo: You got a date? Is she a doll?
Edwin: t('-'t)
by Jessies February 05, 2009
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