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YHWH represents the Hebrew letters "Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh." It was the name God gave for Himself when Moshe inquired of Him. In most modern translations it is usually written "LORD" (in capital letters) or "HaShem" (in the Hebrew Tanach, it means "The Name"). It has been improperly translated "Jehovah," based on a German bastardization of YHWH and "Adonai." The word "Jehovah" does not appear in the Hebrew language and is simply incorrect. YHWH is probably pronounced "Yahweh," and means "I Am That I Am." The implication is that God is completely self-sufficient.
Blessed are you, YHWH, our God, King of the Universe ...
by FrostedTornFlake October 20, 2005
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Called the Tetragrammaton (four letters), this is the personal name of the Biblical deity. In Hebrew, these four letters are Yod, He, Vav or Waw, and He (most Bibles show the Hebrew alphabet in Psalm 119). Most Hebrew scholars give YaHWeH as the correct pronunciation.
In the Masoretic Hebrew Text of the Old Testament, YHWH (properly YaHWeH) usually has the vowels for Adonai ("Lord") inserted, producing YeHoWaH. This codified form was not meant to be pronounced as is, rather it means "think Yahweh, say Adonai". This was done based on the idea of Rabbinic Judaism that it is better not to say "Yahweh" at all rather than to take a chance on saying it in vain.

Some Christians who were unaware of this, pronounced the codified form as is. YeHoWaH evolved over time into IeHoUaH and finally JeHoVaH.
by Jess R. Wenkle August 05, 2009
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Gods name...simple no? Translated from hebrew its Jehovah.
me:The only people who bear gods name are Jehovah's Witnesses.So they are his people as proven in the bible.QED.
Random Jew walking around:Oh *then promptly dissapears in a puff of ligic and everyone reads "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the world rejoyces*
by m4nd3rZ December 04, 2004
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