An Olivia is the actual best friend that anyone could ever ask for. If you get a hold of an Olivia, keep her preciously because she will make your life infinitely better. The most famous Olivia, Olivia S. , has wild fiery red hair and sea-deep blue eyes, and her tiny freckles look like sprinkles. They radiate beauty and confidence, they are like angels sent directly from heaven to help you during your toughest times, anyone would be eternally grateful for having been sent a beautiful, intelligent, funny, Olivia. Beware, for Olivias are easy to fall in love with as they are the actual definition of perfection. Beautiful from head to toe, inside and outside. She looks the way a Frank Ocean song sounds.
She is a genuinely good person and is gorgeous, I bet her is Olivia.
by imanicepersonokay October 02, 2017
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she only dates white boys that have a superiority complex who are also tall and mediocre looking.
Oliva herself is really mother fucking hot tho
olivia likes colonizers!
by PlebBurnt May 11, 2021
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She is a loving caring and sporty person. She doesn’t open up to people easily but when she does she tests them with everything she has. She has been hurt by a lot of people which causes her to not trust people very often but if she does trust you don’t break that trust. She tends to more into relationships kind of quickly but she ends up getting hurt. When she finds someone she actually likes she can’t get them off her mind. She tends to fall for the guys who want nothing to do with her and barely talk to her but she tries to get through their barrier to make them like her. She makes it very obvious at times that she likes someone and she is called out on it most of the time. When she finds someone she loves she loves hard and prays that they will never leave her but her overthinking makes her think that they will leave her which causes her to push them away in fear of getting hurt. But the people that don’t budge because of her overthinking those are her best friends and she knows they will stay. She is hilarious and very sarcastic at times. She is very strong willed and wants to win at everything.
Oh look there’s Olivia”
by olivia_belle05 November 26, 2020
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@billieeilish :)
olivia has @billieeilish :) in their insta bio
by wtfisapseudonymlololol March 20, 2021
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Olivia is usually a good singer but is only good at that. She will respond with Ahahahahaha to most things and will only say something else if u say her friends are cute.
by nanipeach November 04, 2019
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Olivia's from my experience can be nice to their friends but hate others. They curse/cuss a lot but are very good listeners. They tend to be more artsy and good at some sports.~Y u z u A i h a r a
Hey who's that
That's Olivia careful she may hate you
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