An individual who is known for their authentic personality and individual aesthetic.
Tracy, "Oh my gosh, have you met my friend Dash yet?"

Tiffany, "OH MY, I heard SO MUCH about him but not yet!"

Tracy, "EXCUSE ME? You need to! He's such an icon! you would love him!"
by thatdudedann July 28, 2017
ana rinella is the perfect definition of this
ana rinella is the main icon
by I-co-n November 13, 2019
one that people look up too. theicon
matthew_original icon, sometimes imitated
by Anonymous October 4, 2003
Similar to "classic," iconic is generally restricted to more recent, highly original, influential, or unique, works of art, artists, or performers. As such they are now well-established and widely celebrated in popular culture.
"Oedipus Rex" is a classic, but the original "Planet of the Apes" is truly iconic.
by Oliver VIII December 19, 2014
Something that stands out in a beautiful, iconic way; slaying at the game; Being a queen legend
“Did you see Emilia Fart’s new video?”
“Yes! She is truly iconic.”
by hobo queen August 18, 2018
Yet another word annoying fangirls have ruined when commenting it on their favourite YouTuber’s newest video or Instagram photo. Gained popularity from various people such as Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star and James Charles. Typically said by girls who have a tumblr account and think themselves as ‘quirky’ or ‘unique’ to the majority of women but are actually irritating as fuck
*watches James Charles collab with another YouTuber*
Girl: “Omg yass shister this is so iconic slayyy”
Friend: “Trisha Paytas eating Chick-fil-A is literally such a mood though we love an iconic sister”
Girl: “Omg yessss mooood”
by SupremeBeans October 10, 2018