amazing actress and talented singer and deserves more recognition. plays nini on hsmtmts and paige on bizaardvark but we’re not gonna mention that.. but yeah she’s beautiful and talented stan her anyways bye
person one: omg olivia rodrigo released a new song on her instagram
person two: damn that girl can SING
by cupcakezarelyfe March 09, 2020
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disney star with parents who essentially paid for her acting career. also an industry plant but stans get weirdly defensive of her and angry when you point it out. doubles as a fun pastime when you're bored
"did you hear that new olivia rodrigo song?"
"no i don't like music by industry plants"
by reiyanami May 07, 2021
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She is the moment. Olivia is an amazing songwriter, singer AND actress. Her first ever album, Sour, has made a huge impact in the world and I can tell you for sure that this girl is going so damn far. She makes me cry for a relationship that I never even had. That's how powerful she is. She is beautiful, strong, so damn talented and just like us she has the same insecurities we do and she's not afraid to show it, which makes her bond with her fans even stronger. She first started making success with her song for High School Musical: The Musical The Series aka HSMTMTS, "All I Want" written by herself, but she's made an even bigger impact on the music industry with her song "drivers license". Her biggest inspiration is Taylor Swift and needless to say, Taylor is incredibly proud of "her kid". Olivia Rodrigo, if you ever read this, this message is for you: you inspire hundreds of thousands of millions of people every single day. Don't you EVER forget that ok? We all love you so much and we'll be with you until the very end!
Anyone: Have you listened to Olivia Rodrigo's album, Sour?

Me and every single soul in the world: HAVEN'T YOU???? hun, you'll cry, jam and feel like a bad bitch and cry again with that album. Be prepared.
by god, it's brutal out here June 01, 2021
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trash, overrated, her music sounds like kohl’s music
brain-dead person: “oMG oLiViA rOdRiGo’s MusIc Is So GoOd! YoU sHoUlD gO lIStEn To HeR😍😍

anyone with common sense: “nah her music is dog water and overrated lmao”
by staypressedbitch July 12, 2021
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a very beautiful singer. People say she's an industry planet but she's not.

People also say she is trying to replace taylor swift and billie eilish but she's not. She stated that she grew her inspiration for makeup from billie and how much she inspired her.

I love Olivia so much and her music is so good check it out!

She also recently made an album called SOUR, and a song "good 4 u."
Olivia Rodrigo makes the best music and is so unproblematic.
Honestly we stan.
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Olivia Rodrigo is an incredible singer, actor, and songwriter! She has been in many shows but her main roles have been in American Girl’s: Grace Stirs Up Success, Paige in Bizaardvark, and Nini in HSMTMTS. Her song All I Want was written for her character Nini.
“Olivia Rodrigo is an incredible rising star! PERIOD
by Lovelybassett May 30, 2020
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Some rando girl who's popular and releases the shittiest music ever. she has a lot of songs most of which are break-up songs where she blames the man for all the problem and never seems to take accountability for her part, she also seems to lack introspection.
"Hey can i use the aux?"
"of course you can, here's the aux cord"
*Plays Olivia Rodrigo
"get the fuck out of my car right now you fuck."
by evacudmoresimp August 15, 2021
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