Random vibing song rhythm. specifically hindi language.
Miraz : Jab bhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil diwana bole ole oleeee ole, ole oleee ole
Everyone : S to the I to the M to the P

English translation of that song : just a random simping song
by RedPlay September 12, 2021
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OLED = Organic Light Emitting Diode
by andeng567567 January 8, 2010
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Organic Light Emitting Diode better known as OLED is a type of screen manufactured by Samsung. This screen allows for better contrast of colours. This allows for darker shades of black to show the illusion of bezeless screens. Example: The iPhone X.
Person 1: dude your tv looks awesome!
Person 2: yeah I know it's called an OLED tv.
Person 1: a what?
Person 2: it basically makes the colours really stand out.
Person 1: ok, now I need to get one.
by SomeRandomDudeOnTheInternet1 October 20, 2018
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''OLS! Dylan just asked Rose out!"
"I just failed my math test..OLS!"
by daddyshrek April 18, 2016
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a guy with a huge dick a guy that wont take you back when you break his heart. a really hot guy and funny. someone that you definitely want to be with.
dang that guy is not as hot as Ole
by xxhotguy.comxx February 13, 2018
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A froest of dean term for an old friend.
Ow bist ye ol but?
(how are you old frind?)
by Danny December 9, 2004
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My girlfriend has got a new job in a big company, she's an OL now.
by MachineGunner January 18, 2005
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