Similar to the word 'OMG' Oh my god but this time it's 'Lord'
by Converted-Love July 11, 2008
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an annoying phrase zain will not stop saying any time something even remotely interesting happens
zain: *looks in the mirror*
zain: OH LORD
by queefburgler69 December 2, 2021
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Oh lord, not Robanukah
“Aww, also, oh lord” *facepalms*
“Oh lord, now what?!”
by Lanky J March 7, 2023
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kid in a wheelchair named terry, trying to light a firecracker but can't get away from it quick enough so the sparks fly all over him. the uncle who does the barbecue during 4th of july yells "OH LORD TERRY! PUT IT IN REVERSE TERRY!"
terry, oh lord! oh. my. lord. PUT IT IN REVERSE TERRY! oh lord, terry..
by t8ped February 20, 2019
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OLFAN is a common expression meaning “oh lord for a night.” It is used to express shock and surprise in many texting conversations. This phrase stems from old english, originally used to express displeasure with the french king. Notably, it excludes any complex words brought by the French monarchy. Over the years, it evolved to have a more positive connotation and was eventually reclaimed by the French. It is a common vernacular in French texting, and English speakers are using gradually integrating it into their speech.
Friend 1: She’s pregnant!
Friend 2: Oh lord for a night!
by j money 🙀 April 24, 2023
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Instead of saying "oh, LORD!" -- "oh, Jesus!" --"oh, God!"--"Really, u think that!?"

Not used as : "JESUS CHRIST!" or "OH MY GOD!" this is usually when you're in shock. This term is more like someone is saying something really annoying or not too bright.

This also helps so you do not use his name in vain.

*rolling eyes usually goes along with the saying*
Julio: "I think Twilight the movie is sooooo cool!"

Christina: *rolls eyes* "Oh, Lord of the dance!" and most of the time "really!???" follows.
by chefladyleo March 17, 2012
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oh my lord
oh my lord
by 12359 December 7, 2021
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