My girlfriend has got a new job in a big company, she's an OL now.
by MachineGunner January 18, 2005
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OL abbreviation of: online.
Female you meet from the internet.
Guy are you going to meet that OL tonight?
Yeah prolly, her pic looks pretty good.
Do you want to BOA her tonight?
Nah guy, BOA is for 2nd meets+ you know that.
by benoitbarnes December 7, 2008
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Rapper from South Bend, Indiana

Known for "Leave Wit Me"
OL can score drugs, cars, guns, and bitches
by notrelame July 14, 2009
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Abbreviation for old lady, in reference to someone's girlfriend/wife.
Where's your OL tonight?

She's having some drinks with her girls.
by OriginalSyn February 10, 2010
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OL is a grammy on a motorized vehicle wheel chair thing, and when OL goes over bumps..SHE JIGGLES!!! hahahha

- in dedication on jordan =)

but you can also say OL as in "Oh well", get it...OL?

OL stands for OLd Lady..get it..OL???

hahah anyway, thats nah pchcika =)
example- old lady on motorized vehicle with the weird flags on them, hahah!!
by Juliet <3 <3 <3 June 10, 2009
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Oh Lord.

may be confused for LOL (laugh out loud) on messenger.
my exam is tomorrow. OL!!!
Below is the Origin:
Eeee: "you look like an OL now."

Veee: "What is OL? Oh Lord?"

:) and now this term has become permanent!
by bikki512 June 23, 2010
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What you see when you're too fat for those home weight scales
Wow! Instant OL!!
Damn, we need a fat man scale.
by soysauce2rice May 9, 2008
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