(verb) To get into or tap into one's good feelings. Usually due to good music that makes you feel good or a certain positive way.
We were all high and started vibing with some good Kygo songs.
by SloppyToppy November 26, 2015
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i’ve been doing really lately, i’ve been vibing.”
by heywhatshanging December 23, 2018
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Radiating a distinct emotional aura that others can detect.
I'm vibing dumb fool, with a strong emphasis on "dumb."
by Samvel Hari Jagatan March 29, 2014
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When two individuals who are interested in one another and are in the process of starting a romantic relationship.
Amy and I are just vibing.

How are you and Amy doing?
We just vibing hey...
by Paul0us March 7, 2015
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to like, relate or agree with someone's ideas, philosophies or behaviour
1.'i is vibin yo pilosophies'
2. jilly: 'yo homeslice, wanna grab us some eats and head ova to mine's for a joint?
sophie: 'yea bruv. i be vibing yo brainchild!'
jilly: 'word'
by lil'soph September 21, 2006
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1. showing interest in another person
2. looking at someone with sexual intent
rob:u vibing me girl? cuz i kinda feel like ur vibing me
girl:yeah boy im vibin u. come to this party later
by FFDPforlife November 28, 2009
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