a guy with a huge dick a guy that wont take you back when you break his heart. a really hot guy and funny. someone that you definitely want to be with.
dang that guy is not as hot as Ole
by xxhotguy.comxx February 13, 2018
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Some dude who doesn't know where the fuck he is going in life, and therefor makes an ass out of himself at every left-turn. But damn fine in bed.
Shit, that damn Ole stumped me again.
by WoorGle January 14, 2004
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An Ole is a guy that is gay
He is an Ole
by Sikkabakka September 29, 2020
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A Boy's name. Very common and usual name used in nordic countries such as Norway, Denmark or Greenland. It means someone who is acting extremely "white". It can also indicate that the person with such name is either gay, crazy, energetic, autistic or jewish.
"My boyfriend's name is Ole" said Aaron excitingly.
by Big D0$$€R May 23, 2021
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An european or african term used to substitute attentiowhore. Often used stronger than attentionwhore
Mork: Your mum!
Erik: You're such an ole!
by Eirik9171 September 19, 2007
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An extremely annoying, stupid, little and fat male person.
Ole, you`re such a stupid bugger!
by Jon the Don April 11, 2004
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