Refers to when someone has a injury and then applies ointment 🥺🐥
I had a cut on my big toes so I cleaned and ointmented it
by Butfirstcofi November 1, 2020
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An old person. Senior Citizen, or elderly individual. Applied, but not limited to, those ages 60 or older. Durived from Teen Girl Squad by Strongbad.
"Mister Pitters wishes he was a teen girl, but he's really just an ointment."
by Astrodisiac August 13, 2006
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Substance applied for relief after receiving a burn.
"That was harsh, man. It's ointment time. Y'know... for that BURN."
by Der Capitan December 29, 2004
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A word that nobody likes, it doesn't just roll off the tongue it also never used in a good way.
Kelly do you have my hemorrhoid ointment. GROSS
by something relatble October 13, 2018
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what you get from the doc when ya foot long itches afta nailing a dirty whore
Greg:Dude my foot long itches sooooo bad
Me:Better go see the doc and get some ointment
by Nick February 5, 2004
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A complimentary term toward a nurse who places ointment in the fornix of eyes after eye muscle surgery.
Doctor: “Ointment nurse.”... “Ointment nuuuuuurse.”

Nurse: I’ll be there in a second to place the ointment.
by Bill Brasky the man June 19, 2018
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