i'm a senior citizen i can't drive for my life. oh wait there's somebody behind me why don't i just cut them off cause i earned my drivers license all of 6 million years ago and i can barely see over the dash board.
get out of my way you gosh darn hoodlums. ups there's nobody behind behind me or at least i can't see tem cause i'm blind. here i go!!!!!
by dubya January 22, 2004
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A class of people who hold the wisdom of the world. They are often seen giving advice to idiot kids who always refuse to follow it and then end up falling on their faces before the figure out that with age comes a bit of wisdom.
The senior citizen told the teen to pull up his belt and stop showing your nasty booty, or you'll never get a job.
by Rhumba Girl September 13, 2010
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A person who lacks basic motor skills and the ability to hear, drive, stand up straight, walk, think clearly, or provide basic financial support for him/her self. Suffers from TMB.
Damn, that retarded kid sure acts a lot like a senior citizen.
by Nick D September 25, 2003
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When a person places their hand in a bowl of water thus allowing it to become wrinkly before they proceed to masturbate.
After watching Cocoon 1 & 2, Siskel & Ebert felt that the gaiety of the subject matter expressed throughout the film was well deserving of more than a two thumbs up but, a five finger Senior citizen.
by ramonymone February 1, 2009
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When you put your hand in a bucket of water or bathtub long enough to let your hand get all wrinkly and then proceed to pleasure yourself so that it feels like an 85 year old is doing in. Can also be combined with the Stranger, The Danger Stranger, the Reverse or French-Grip, and can also be used with your significant other.
Oh man, I gave myself The Senior Citizen last night, and today I feel like I should eat some tapioca pudding, get in my Buick and drive slow in the high speed lane, or yell at kids to stay off my lawn.

I just gave myself The Senior Citizen and now I feel like playing Bingo.
by ChaSin78 October 17, 2008
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