A saying used to "tell someone off". The saying is commonly used in the place of "fuck off", or "screw off". The origins of this saying is unknown, but most associate "roll off" to be created by D. Ciot from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Person 1: dude, you got owned on your business powerpoint

Person 2: roll off man!
by Matrixx Mage June 21, 2009
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light bulb head that wears comdoms that roll off due to having a small willy
roll off,comdoms,sex,lbh
by dean2001 October 7, 2008
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Rolling out of ones bed to finish himself off without distributing the slumber of ones significant other. As heard of on The Dirty Twig Show. www.dirtytwig.com
I had to pull the roll off last night.
by The dirty twig show January 27, 2008
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when a person has nothing but immaculate vibes while doing Ecstasy
hey bro you doing okay over there?”
“I’m rolling off a bean brother man
oh okay nice”
by tinyassclaps September 6, 2020
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A fart that smells so shifty, it must've rolled off a turd before escaping the butthole.
That one smells like it rolled off a turd.
by K-ILL December 29, 2016
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Felling the effects of a xzanex bar after injested.
Just popped a xzan now I'm rolling off a flat
by ON THE REAL June 9, 2014
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Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) ships are vessels have built-in ramps which allow the vehicles and other cargo to be efficiently roll on and roll off the vessel. Most commonly used in the international transportation of automobiles.
Roll-on Roll-off ships, ROROs are often the least expensive, most efficient method of overseas car shipping

-- titanship.com
by Jimgogogo August 25, 2010
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