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The process of, while penetrating a partner from behind (Either anally or vaginally), reaching around and playing with his/her genitalia.
Contrary to popular belief, not only a homosexual act.
A couple buddies of mine have a late-nite radio show called "Fast Eddie and the Reacharound".
by Der Capitan February 08, 2004

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Despite bastardization in recent years to the alternate (Read: "Gay") spelling, Narley, gnarley is akin to rad - a late-1980s - early-1990s term, meaning "exceptional", or "cool". Developed on the West Coast, and used primarily by sufers and skateboarders.
"Hey bra, d'dya scope that gnarley tide?"
"Tscha! That was a ripple, man!"
by Der Capitan January 14, 2004

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The plural of honky.
Honkies: The whitest of meats.
by Der Capitan October 17, 2003

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A state of delusion in which one (The elitist) believes oneself - and a small group with whom one assosciates - to be less incompetent or more useful than the rest of society.
American societal structure has gained an even greater degree of elitism than high school.
by Der Capitan September 07, 2003

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Substance applied for relief after receiving a burn.
"That was harsh, man. It's ointment time. Y'know... for that BURN."
by Der Capitan December 29, 2003

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User of software by the corporation KA Microsoft. Generally thought of as powerless, but in actuality connected with limitless high-end software and hardware possibilities, as long as he/she - well, okay, just he - knows what he's doing.
You're not going ANYWHERE today, Microslave.
by Der Capitan December 07, 2003

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Latin for "Your mom". Can be used to display one's superiority; even moreso than conventional "Your mom" usage it can, because it's in a different language and makes you sound smarter.
1: So, what're you doin' tonight?
2: Tui mater! O!
3: *face melts from display of awesomenity*
by Der Capitan November 02, 2003

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